September 2008

Sick of Waiting for Your House to Sell? Redesign Doctor Can Help!

Redesign Doctor announces the launch of a new service to help home sellers and Realtors position and package homes for quicker sale. The firm uses a combination of buyer psychology and visual merchandising to trigger positive emotions and make the home the one that the buyer just has to have.

“Our service goes beyond cleaning and decluttering”, says Anne West, founder and owner of Redesign Doctor, a home staging and redesign firm in Wilmette. “Those things are important, but not sufficient in today’s weak real estate market. With such a large inventory of houses for sale, you need to make your home stand out from the competition and connect with buyers on an emotional level.”

Redesign Doctor uses a three step process to present a home in its best light. The first step is removing clutter and personal items, such as photos, mementos and children’s artwork. “You want the buyer to see himself living in the home with his things, not as a guest in your home”, says West.

The second step is to highlight the positive features of each room. Redesign Doctor utilizes furniture placement, color, texture, lighting and accessories to maximize square footage, draw the eye to focal points, improve traffic flow and create visual interest.

Third, vignettes are staged throughout the house to show buyers what it would be like to live there. For example, if the target is young families, there may be a checkers or Monopoly game “in progress” on a game table in the family room. The master bath may be staged as a mini spa, to provide a relaxing retreat for busy moms. An empty corner might become a cozy reading nook with comfortable chair, a throw and an open book on an ottoman.

The end result is a warm and inviting atmosphere that helps buyers mentally move in. “When buyers can envision enjoying the lifestyle they aspire to, that home becomes the one that they just have to have, even if it costs more than comparable houses”, says West.

About Redesign Doctor

Redesign Doctor is a full service home staging and redesign firm in Wilmette that specializes in helping home owners sell their homes quickly and for top dollar by “packaging” them to stand out from the competition and appeal to the widest possible pool of buyers.

Anne West, founder and owner of Redesign Doctor, is an HSR Certified Home Stager and Redesigner. She has over twenty years experience analyzing buyer psychology and using it to successfully market brands and products in the home improvement, personal care and grocery categories.

If you’d like more information about this topic, please call Anne West at 847-687-5957 or email Anne at

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