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Choosing the Perfect Color Palette

For most people, choosing colors is the most intimidating step in the decorating process. There are literally thousands of potential color combinations available. How can you be sure you’ll make the right choice?

Color with No Regrets™ is a unique new color selection system that can reduce a paint deck from a thousand colors to three in just a few minutes. It’s a fool-proof way to achieve a perfect color palette every time, based on the client’s personal style and preferences.

Choosing the right color palette for your rooms is as much science as it is art, which is why the Color with No Regrets system works so effectively. It is a patent-pending system that is based on the science of color, not subjective color choices. Unlike the traditional approach to decorating with color, it is NOT based on the latest trends or on what colors your decorator happens to like. Instead, it is a client-centric system that reflects your personal style and what makes you feel good.

When you choose Redesign Doctor to assist you with color selection, we will come to your home, discuss your objectives, give you our color test, measure the colors in the room and assess factors such as exposure and natural light, room function and the psychology of color. We will then present you with the perfect color palette to achieve balance and harmony in your space.

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